Job Description

Mpect Inc. is looking for top-notch iOS and Android developers to help create mobile versions of our virtual compliance platform for the world. Join us on our mission to provide a world-class platform for any compliance professional, anywhere. Our Mobile Developers change the way that people learn by leveraging the power and convenience of mobile devices. We build a beautiful, high-performance mobile app with a delightful user experience. We collaborate closely with designers and developers to make our collaborative compliance experience available on any platform. And we reimagine ways for professionals to collaborate together online. We believe mobile apps play an important role in the future of connected compliance, and we want you to help us make this vision a reality.


Required Qualifications

A passion for software and engaging learning experiences, as well as desire to change the world. An ability to chew through difficult software problems. You probably noticed this ability not long after you first sat down in front of a computer. You leave a trail of successful software projects in your wake. Passion for whatever technology you've used in the past. Great intuition for how users like to learn, and a mastery of the subjects you took in high school and college. You are not afraid of any integral, and know you can master any subject that you put your mind to. Authorization to work in the US.


Previous Projects

Share what you have learnt in your coursework, what projects you have done, what kind of previous internship you did (if any) and your previous learning experiences that fit into this role.

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Interns help solve our hardest challenges

Our Interns will solve difficult technical, UX, and social problems in ways we never would've thought of. We hand our interns the most important features Mpect's working on and rely on them to produce excellence in return. Unlike other internships, you won't be tossed a list of edge-case bugs that nobody else wants to solve. You'll be expected to maturely own a project that may affect millions.