MPECT Quality System purpose is to provide a review for maturity assessment and to support organizational entities in the assessment of their internal control procedure and policies. QS Risk Control assessment provides visibility over the control and operations that exist on Quality Systems. This includes profiling each asset to understand the QMS risk based upon the risk profile, a detailed assessment is performed to understand, mitigate and/or accept QMS risks.

Services offered by MPECT

Current State Assessment

The information assets of an organization entity are identified and profiled to determine risks related to the usage of the asset.

Assets Classification and Categorization

This step forms the basis for the identification of the assets and their classification and categorization.

Control Assessment

Based on the results of the Initial Risk Assessment and for each of the asset of the organization entity, all QS controls are identified and implementation assessed and tested.

Maturity Assessment

The current control environment is compared against the MPECT control objectives to determine the maturity of the control.

Remediation Management

Remediation actions are defined where necessary and implemented after evaluation of the risk associated with the Control Gaps identified.

Staff Augmentation

MPECT has qualified professionals in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. We can provide immediate support to your quality team through staff augmentation.


With over 200 Qualified professionals located globally we can assist you with developing and/or providing GxP regulatory courses.