VR Training

Life Sciences & Health Care Training

MpectVR Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality programs are designed to prepare Regulatory Affairs Professionals for careers in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Tobacco, Cosmetics, and Food and Animal Health. These program instructions are delivered as custom-built entities and use a blended instructional approach of asynchronously-delivered content. Our courses are updated regularly and new ones are added to reflect current and upcoming technical, scientific and regulatory topics within those core competencies.

Mpect’s Interactive Digital Center (IDC) serves as MPECT’s service center. Its state- of-the- art Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, development lab and artistic resources help meet the growing global demand for VR/AR.

Life Science & Health Care Education

Our comprehensive Virtual and Augmented simulations enable training and learning virtually, rather than on equipment, and provide a more in-depth, hands-on learning experience. Users may have a life-like experience and will get hands-on training on the production process of drugs.

Almost any physiological model or clinical environment can be created to support the education of healthcare professionals – at any level of training. These include offering life sciences, medical trainees and professionals alike, the potential to rehearse procedures prior to the actual operation.

VR Education

Our Work Process

What Do We Do?

We walk into your manufacturing unit, and build a fully maneuverable 3D environment of the same.

How Do We Do It?

We then, gamify the documented Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to allow the operators practically perform the steps, and assess them on its basis.



Users Interact And Operate Equipment Exactly In The Real Life Manner.


Overall Performance Is Analyzed And Report Is Generated.

Real Like Environment

Real Like Environment Let Users To Familiarize Themselves To The Real One.

Built-In AI

Artificial Intelligence Let Users To Experience Wrong Options And Showing Them Circumstances.