VR Training

The MPECT VR Training Solutions leverages a web based and story telling model to embed a learning culture throughout an organization. Using our Learning Management System (LMS), clients are improving performance, raising quality standards and achieving regulatory compliance.

The MPECT Platform is used in Fortune 100 companies such as Novartis and professional organizations. The flexibility in MPECT LMS allows companies to tailor their learning systems on best practices.

The web based model helps reduce the capital expenses related to IT resources, hardware, software licenses and internal data centers. What's more, our platform makes it easier to manage training across the entire supply chain, as non-employees can access proprietary learning content from across the world and across different platforms.

VR Education

Benefits of a MPECT Training System

In today’s regulated environment, organizations gain many performance and cost advantages when they deploy learning and qualification programs to all employees and contractors. MPECT learning management system, courses, tools, and integration services has helped companies around the world meet their employee training, qualification and performance development needs.