Easy to become expert

Easy to become an expert

Quicker guidance on Assessments

Quicker guidance on Assessments

Simple steps to upload your content

Simple steps to upload your content


Spend a few months building and improving a compliance platform for users around the world

Mpect Inc. is developing a compliance platform that can be used by life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, and compliance professionals around the world. As an Mpect intern, you can make improvements that can instantly help millions of industry users access whatever they want, whenever they want it. If this type of scale excites you as much as it does us, we need your help to improve the platform and become part of the next generation of collaborative compliance.

We offer mentoring and then some

We treat our internship program as the healthiest and, most important source of full-time recruiting we have. From day one to the end of your internship, you will have an experienced teammate who considers it their job to make sure you're growing and gaining the skills you need. Something's in your way? Let us know and, we'll fix it. The people you'll work with come from all walks of life and are available to teach you new tricks and share their life experiences. Whatever you're working on, you'll find a teammate interested in helping you learn.

We offer

Interns help us solve our hardest challenges

Our interns will solve difficult technical, UX, and social problems in ways we never would have thought of. We hand our interns the most important features that Mpect is working on and rely on them to produce excellence in return. Unlike other internships, you won't be tossed a list of edge-case bugs that nobody else wants to solve. You'll be expected to maturely own a project that may affect millions.